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"The return of the original Legion of Super-Heroes continues! The Man of Steel’s jump to the future is anything but idyllic as he finds a world torn apart by strife and a populace that has turned on the Legion of Super-Heroes — and it’s all because of Superman! But what went wrong, and how can Super... [more]
Never miss an issue of Action Comics
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"The spotlight turns to Princess Primula, who is about to welcome her seventeenth birthday. However, this is not an ordinary birthday dinner. Princes from other nations have gathered to ask for Primula's hand in marriage! A mysterious blonde boy is not only about to crash the engagement party, but a... [more]
"More mating, mayhem and magic! Allie’s falling in love with a Mongrolian bigamist, her dreams still haunted by husband Healey and the monstrous Mother of Mountain. Meanwhile, the North Koreenians tempt Beau with a seductively easy hook-up and, desperate to free himself from Switzer’s spell, Flabber... [more]
"The war between the Atlanteans and the surface world’s navies goes into full force. Kaya is captured and forced to provide information, and what is the secret weapon both forces hope to use on the other?"... [more]
"We outdid ourselves in this issue! You’re going to see more super heroes and more super-villains than ever in this action-packed, feature-length thriller introducing Zemo and his Masters of Evil! Caution! Don’t tear this magazine or wrinkle the pages or get food stains on it. We have a hunch you’ll... [more]
"The Joker has been born. Batman has crossed some lines. Now, see just how far the Dark Knight will go in order to bring down the new criminal insanity that’s inspiring the denizens of Gotham City."... [more]
"A colleague has been murdered, and Lady Blackhawk goes missing…but only to honor the memory of her fallen teammate!"... [more]
Never miss an issue of Birds Of Prey
"The “Badger Hole” story arc comes to a close, with Rin and Döa still lost in the dark, dangerous tunnels below Edo Castle. Trapped by angry Edo soldiers, Rin is tortured while her friends hang helplessly nearby. A piercing, overpowering sound heralds the full introduction of a bizarre Itto-ryü warr... [more]
"The most talked about comic of the year continues! The plot thickens as Little Nina's backers are revealed, and the Boys dig deeper into the mystery of the exploding supes. Hughie learns the delicate art of prisoner interrogation, and Vas lets slip the secret of the Black Skull Vodka in ""Glorious ... [more]
A virtually unstoppable force has driven the Doom Patrol to the brink of destruction and despair! And why is The Flash the only hero who can possibly stand between them and utter chaos?... [more]
Never miss an issue of Brave And The Bold Vol 3
"“Last Titan,” Part Two. As the second wave of the attack on the Budo Institute begins, Mikah Yamashiro makes a decision that will bring the Bushi of Hachiman into deadly combat with the Cyclops! Includes two bonus back-up stories."... [more]
"Captain America faces the toughest challenge of his life as he becomes the subject of another government super-soldier experiment…a very different experiment than the one which created the Sentinel of Liberty. Or is it? What does this mysterious procedure have to do with U.S. Marine Corporal James ... [more]
"Captain America faces the toughest challenge of his life as he becomes the subject of another government super-soldier experiment…a very different experiment than the one which created the Sentinel of Liberty. Or is it? What does this mysterious procedure have to do with U.S. Marine Corporal James ... [more]
"The Falcon and Black Widow hunt together! Can they save the Winter Soldier from becoming a tool of the Red Skull again? And if they do, will he just go kill Tony Stark? And what of Agent 13, Sharon Carter, who shot the final bullets into her true love, Steve Rogers, and has seen her life fall apar... [more]
"With the first printing of the first Castle Waiting collection selling out almost instantaneously, the second volume of the series continues the humorous, solid storytelling Linda Medley is known for. In this issue Tolly, Jain, and Simon continue to be shocked at what they do — and don't — find in... [more]
"Catwoman’s back to claim her title as Gotham City’s top thief! Not only does she have to stay one step ahead of the Batman, but Gotham’s underworld is out for her blood!"... [more]
“The Fall of the Wall” concludes with a bang! Taskforce X marks the spot as the Royals force a showdown with Amanda Waller!... [more]
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"Thought dead, left behind by Galactica and stranded on a planet over run by Cylons, Starbuck and Boomer must make a harrowing journey into the heart of a Cylon stronghold in hopes of stealing a ship large enough to carry themselves and the planet's remaining human population back to the Galactica..... [more]
"At last, the Battle of Venarium: a tale gorged with blood, death, triumph, loss, glory, and revelation, as Conan reaches the first major turning point in his life before leaving Cimmeria for the world outside and becoming a legend in both…"... [more]
Never miss an issue of Conan
The countdown continues with a new name and even bigger thrills! Lex Luthor kidnapped — but by whom? And more DC VILLAINS origin backup stories.... [more]
"Eclipso continues her maniacal mission to corrupt the heroes of the DCU! Find out who’s next in her path! Plus, Doctor Fate enters a simple storefront that introduces him to a woman who will change his life! "... [more]
"Created by acclaimed developer Digital Extremes, Dark Sector is a new and original action-thriller video game designed exclusively for next generation systems. Enter the world of Hayden Tenno, a black ops agent sent on a dangerous assassination mission into Lasria, an Eastern European city that hid... [more]
"“The Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul,” Part 3 of 7! Batman and I-Ching track down Ra’s and Talia to their hideout while Nightwing pursues Robin! And why is the Invisible Map so important? All this, plus guest appearances by Talia al Ghul and Damian."... [more]
Never miss an issue of Detective Comics
"As superhero-turned-mayor Mitchell Hundred finally learns the real reason the Pope has called him to Italy, a lethal assassin moves in for the kill…but which leader is the target?"... [more]
"Mr. Arkham sees the machinations of the Dreamlands and continues to gather his forces. A self-contained story that focuses on yet another horrific denizen that will be added to Mr. Arkham's growing list of forces, this is an excellent entry point for new readers as well as another must-have chapter... [more]
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