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0/6 (Zero/Six) Vol 2 GN

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Moolchi’s coming-of-age saga continues. The mysterious, but tough student Narutbae develops a strange obsession with the lovely Kanghee. Meanwhile, Moolchi’s vitamins reveal themselves to be more than meets the eye. They cause a mysterious growth spurt that makes him taller and stronger, garnering the attentions of both friends and bullies. Moolchi finally musters the courage to meet Kanghee after school, but little does he know that Narutbae has dangerous intentions towards her. More danger reveals itself in the form of a mysterious monster that steals the bodies of its human victims. It slowly makes its way to Korea, hopping from host to host, closing in on Moolchi. More determined than ever to protect Moolchi, the automaton Jong-E enrolls in Moolchi’s school in order to stay close to him, inadvertently becoming the center of attention from all the lustful boys and provoking a storm of envy and jealousy from the girls. How will the triangle of love and obsession between Moolchi, Kanghee and Narutbae resolve itself? What is the mysterious body-snatching creature slowly making its way towards the school? What connection might it have with his father? Will Jong-E’s enrollment hinder or help her mission as the dangers close in all around her and Moolchi?

Item #: 44032 ISBN: 9781600090219

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