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X-Men Epic Collection Vol 21 X-Cutioners Song TP

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Written by Scott Lobdell, Jim Lee, Fabian Nicieza and Peter David
Pencilled by Whilce Portacio, Tom Raney, Rurik Tyler, Brandon Peterson, Jim Lee, Mark Texeira, Art Thibert, Andy Kubert, Jae Lee and Greg Capullo

Mutantkind marked for X-cution!
Life is as volatile as ever for the X-Men as Storm and Forge's romance reaches a dramatic turning point, and the fates of the Morlocks and Mikhail Rasputin collide!

Meanwhile, Mojo pits mutant against mutant, and secrets from Professor X's past are revealed!

But when Cyclops and Phoenix are kidnapped - and Cable seemingly assassinates Xavier - the X-Men, X-Factor and X-Force go to war...with each other!

Witness epic battles around the globe and on the moon as Mister Sinister's subtle plan of vengeance on Apocalypse unfolds. And prepare for major revelations about the true identities of Cable and his twisted doppelganger, Stryfe!

Featuring blood, angst, sacrifice and great big guns as Marvel's mutant families dance to the villains' twisted tune!

Collecting UNCANNY X-MEN (1981) #289-296, X-MEN (1991) #10-16, X-FACTOR (1986) #84-86 and X-FORCE (1991) #16-18.


Item #: 2135127 Diamond code: AUG220999 ISBN: 9781302948283

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