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Obnoxious Hero-Kun Complete Collection GN

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At school, everyone loves Hiro (especially Hiro). Handsome, charismatic, and overflowing with poetic praises of himself, he can get any girl he wants with just a smile and an abundance of background sparkles. He definitely doesn't waste any of his precious time thinking about Takashi, a stoic and somewhat icy boy who sits in front of him in class. Hiro's always glaring at Takashi for being so uncool, not staring longingly at Takashi's stupid beauty mark! When Hiro pushes his theatrical charm too far and finds Takashi daring him to kiss, Hiro realizes that being the hero of his own story means facing a dizzying array of heart-pounding challenges...like figuring out his true feelings for the very blunt, very hot Takashi. And dealing with exactly how much fetish gear is in Takashi's closet.

Item #: 2161654 Diamond code: NOV222201 ISBN: 9781685797010

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