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Najica Blitz Tactics Manga Vol 2 TP

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Najica and Lila are back with all-new and exciting missions to recover even more Humaritts from their frightfully eccentric captors. This time their missions takes them far beyond the airtight walls of CRI Cosmetics. First, they must go undercover at an all-girl’s school to protect an important researcher’s daughter from terrorists, but that’s where the hard work appears to end. Luxury ocean-liners, exotic and tropical ports-of-call, and a chance to become a teenage idol seem more like a vacation-dream-come-true than secret agent work; but oh-so-sexy Najica and her robotic sidekick Lila will definitely see some serious action before they get to work on their tans!

Item #: 26119 ISBN: 9781413900422

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