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Amazing Adventures From Zooms Academy TP

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As the most unpopular kid in high school, Summer Jones isn't ready for much of anything, except to get teased by her classmates. Then Jasper, her eccentric dad, makes a shocking disclosure: He's a professor at Zoom's Academy, a school that develops superpowers in select students. Before Summer can say "lost his marbles," Jasper gives her a strange ring that glows the instant Summer slips it onto her finger.

So begin Summer's amazing adventures, as she blasts off to an astonishing campus in the clouds. It is a place where rockets run on lime gelatin, shiny brass robots zip around, and caped (soon-to-be-crusading) kids fly through the sky and fine-tune their special gifts--from lightning speed to elastic limbs, from telepathy to colossal strength. Can it be true that Summer, a geeky girl with a paralyzing fear of heights, is a budding crime-fighting superhero?

She'd better find out soon, for while the faculty at Zoom's Academy tries to discover what sort of superpowers Summer actually possesses, the dark headmaster of Graves Academy for the Villainous Arts, Zoom's archrival, plots a hostile takeover--and one unsuspecting girl will play a vital role in its sinister execution.

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