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Ranma 1/2 Vol 8 TP 2nd Ed

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Trouble follows Ranma to town in the form of Ukyo Kuonji, okonomiyaki or "Japanese pizza" chef par excellence; Ryoga (1) teams up with Ukyo, (2) goes on a date with Akane, and (3) meets his long-lost fiancée; Ranma and Akane both swallow "love pills" which supposed to make them fall for the first person they see; and finally, Mousse holds Akane hostage to Ranma's humiliation with a bucket of Jusenkyo water from "Yahzu-Nii-Chuan"...water from the legendary "Spring of Drowned Duck"!

Item #: 20464 Diamond code: NOV032658 ISBN: 9781591161301

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