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Swords Of Cerebus In Hell Vol 11 TP

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Further collecting Cerebus' adventures in Hell? (with a question mark)! Including the sell-out parody of Batman: Damned, proving that even a low-budget publisher like Aardvark-Vanaheim can do a cheesy knock-off of Neil Gaiman's 1990 Books of Magic! Also, the first First annual Hallowe'en Special, featuring not only Benjamin Hobbs' sequel to The Varking Dead, but also TWO big 7-page gammakpooz stories written by Dave Sim, featuring multiple uses of the previously unpublished variant glamourpuss zombie cover! Strap yourselves in as "Spider-Whore Dishes The Dirt On Feminism!" with Cerebus as the Alpha Plus Male Feminist of the Western World. Read Aardvark-Vanaheim's parody of a comic less than a year after it comes out, starring Hermann, the modern-day Ayn Rand enthusiast and bovine-flesh-covered Aardvark! Featuring the return of Kevin Eastman's Lucky Frank Miller Wall!
(Note: There will be a new SWORDS OF CEREBUS IN HELL volume every month (God willing) which will not be reprinted until the following year, so make sure to order accordingly and enough to last you the year!!)


Item #: 2069068 Diamond code: DEC211203 ISBN: 9780919359710

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