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Swords Of Cerebus In Hell Vol 9 TP

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Further collecting Cerebus' adventures in Hell? (with a question mark)! The Legend of the Vark Thing starts here! Learn how enviro-genius Alex Netherlands transforms himself into a walking compost heap to impress this really hot chick! Composting worms and how they "dig" 1980s disco! Giant-Size Vark Thing in need of some Vark Viagra! Worm rotation! "The Secret Origin of The Silver Cerebus!" Meet Lone S. Kum, CEO of Telsa Motors and #1 Elon Musk fanboy (who can't wait to crush Musk 'like the outmoded neo-Luddite insect he has become' and dominate the Interplanetary Submersible Balance-Board Buoyancy Space!) and who uses his "special" touch to get himself elected Supreme Commander of the Electrical Grid Fairies! A plague of Cerebi (many Cerebuses) settling the issue of the proper temperature at which to serve chai tea (hot? cold?) with poison gas ... well, how do you think that's going to work? It destroys their minds and they become The Varking Dead! Meanwhile, Virgil finally gets an answer from the Arby's franchising office and the infernal realms' first Arby's franchise is a GO! (Note: There will be a new SWORDS OF CEREBUS IN HELL? volume every month (God willing) which will not be reprinted until the following year, so make sure to order accordingly and enough to last you the year!!)

Item #: 2051139 Diamond code: OCT211070 ISBN: 9780919359697

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