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Steel Angel Kurumi Manga Vol 3 TP

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Dr. X of the Academy for Advanced Sciences has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging the countries of the world to a "Steel Fight" tournament to find out who the strongest Steel Angel is! To coax wary leaders into revealing their highly classified Steel Angel designs, an irresistible prize has been offered: the untold wealth of technological secrets that the Academy possesses! Now, as the strongest androids in the world descend upon Japan, Kurumi and the gang are faced with some challenges of their own. Karinka is locked in a furious duel with Aoi (Japan's newest Steel Angel), and Kurumi is pursued by a foe that seems to be holding a grudge against her. Meanwhile, Nakahito faces his personal demons, and with his brother's help takes the first steps on a journey of self-discovery. The action, the intrigue, the gags, and the fan service do not let up, as the true battle begins in the third volume of Steel Angel Kurumi!

Item #: 21813 ISBN: 9781413900132

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