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IWGP Ikebukuro West Gate Park Vol 1 GN
IWGP Ikebukuro West Gate Park Vol 1 GN

IWGP Ikebukuro West Gate Park Vol 1 GN

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Based on the phenomenally popular live-action Japanese television series, Ikebukuro West Gate Park is a very hip and urban drama that takes place in Tokyo's trendy district of Ikebukuro. The story focuses around the 21-year-old Makoto, a cool and levelheaded member of the G-boys gang. Makoto, skilled at diffusing tense situations and keeping his friends out of harm's way, possibly stumbles into more than he can handle. Is Makoto really in over his head? His new girlfriend's just been found murdered and a turf war is escalating between the two rival gangs. Volume one of Ikebukuro starts with Makoto meeting a couple of girls at a New Year's Eve party, one of which he falls in love with. One month later she is found dead — strangled to death — and Makoto is wracked with guilt after having to listen helplessly to her die over his phone. He later vows to use his underground connections with the "G-boys" to catch the murderer. Soon after he finds the likely culprit (a perverted old doctor), but the story unravels as Makoto learns that the old man is innocent...leading to the twisted, shocking truth!

Item #: 25690 ISBN: 9781569709863

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